Imagine a suitcase that
is a companion for life.

That lasts and ages beautifully.
Light, silent and functional.
With an elegant and timeless design.
Made from a rediscovered, natural material.
Manufactured in Berlin.

The shell made of Vulcanized Fibre is extremely resistant. Composed of only cellulose, Vulcanized fibre is recyclable and compostable. It’s lighter than aluminium and stiffer than most thermoplastics. To achieve the minimalist design the material is shaped in previously unseen radiuses, with a dedicated 3D-forming innovation.

A dust and waterproof aluminium profile provides the spine for the robust trolley. Handling is comfortable with sturdy but silent wheels and a solid aluminium telescopic handle. On the inside, dividing bags keep belongings neatly organized and in place. The textiles are resistant, original, pleasant to the touch and all natural.


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